American Cash Advance Inc.

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Services Offered

American Cash Advance Inc. offers two types of loans.

Payday loans are short term loans. These loans will be due on your payday each pay period. For most people this is every two weeks or twice a month. These loans must be paid in full before another loan can be issued. The finance charge for this type of loan is 15%. Example: If you borrow $200.00 you would pay back $230.00 on your next payday. Maximum loan amount is $435.00 with a payback of $500.00.


Title loans are run for 22 months per TN state law.Maximum loan amount is $2500.00. The finance charge for this type of loan is 22% per month. The amount of the loan depends on your vehicle’s¬†value. We take into account the year, make, model, and condition of your vehicle. When a loan is administered a lien will be placed on your vehicle. You keep driving the car while making your regular monthly payments to us. After completion of the loan your title will be given back free and clear of the lien.